Another post brought to you by my propensity for long hot bubbles baths.

They’re very complex and profound magical rituals really; they just happen to look a lot like bubble baths. Continue reading


A Podcast for the Uncomfortable Stuff

It’s been a while. I’ve been cheating on the blog with the book.

Here’s a little something for you whilst I carry on ramping up that word count. A meditation for the difficult stuff, for the stuck stuff, for the angry and hurting and resistant stuff, for the staring into the abyss of the unknown and wondering how you’ll make it out alive stuff… Continue reading

Revisiting the G-word

I’m about to embark on launching the next chapter of my Work into the world – what the thoughts in my recent “sex magic” post evolved into.

Work entitled Making Love with God.

I’m thinking it may be time to remember and share what I mean by my use of that three letter word that can be so triggering for many encountering my work – usually because they have encountered the word in more of a what I might call a “human-negative” way. Continue reading

Rites of Passage (and a whole bunch of excellent links)

5am on the morning after Winter Solstice, with the sky still dark from the longest night, found me awake before the rest of the household, and taking advantage of what was available to mark the transition of the year from dark to light. Continue reading

Sex, Magic, and the Importance of Being Funny – an interview with Barbara Carrellas

Photo by Barbara Nitke

Photo by Barbara Nitke

Barbara Carrellas.

Sex educator, author, theatre artist, and fire-eating extraordinaire.

The irreverent inspiration for much of my own work and writing in sacred sexuality – and the all round gateway drug into a bunch of my favourite things about life.

What better way to begin blogging at greater length about the intersection between sex and spirit than an interview with this incredible pioneer of love, loins and liminality.

Luckily for me, I got in some quality time with her during her recent trip to the UK, and took the opportunity to ask her a bunch of entirely biased questions.


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Leaning Back Meditation take II

Having now better mastered the art of Audacity, and conquered the perils of Podomatic, here is a far superior version of the Leaning Back Meditation I posted when this blog first began, in response to requests from participants and clients.

Intended as an invitation into deep relaxation, and an inspiration to surrender into divine love, may it serve you in times of stress, or simply as a gateway to Morpheus at the end of the day. Continue reading


I spent last weekend on the dance floor, at a workshop run by the gorgeous Susannah Darling Khan. Amidst the breath and the beats, between the sensations from my feet on the floor and my hair swinging out from my scalp, and within the constant unfolding of self-acceptance that is ecstatic dance, I discovered many things. One is particular stood out for me:

How small I have been making myself. Continue reading